11/25/2011: A video of melting ice synched with data collection (Vernier LoggerPro software required) created by two of my AP Physics B students.

8/15/2008: Take the Dunbar Physics Student Survey.

6/02/2008: Optics notes and a PowerPoint.

11/12/2007: A page of java applets, including a BCPSS grade calculator.

Purpose: This site is designed to give other beginning teachers a starting point. My first year teaching I did not have books or a curriculum. I was forced to invent an applied physics course mostly from scratch. Now that I have books and a curriculum, I still look back and wish that I had another teacher's materials to start from. So I'm sharing the materials that I've developed so far. Please email me suggestions and corrections.

Organization: This website is split up by units. Each unit is organized by assessments, assignments, labs/projects, lesson plans, notes, powerpoint presentations, and unit plans.

About the Author: My name is Joshua Gabrielse. I taught Honors Physics and AP Physics B at Dulaney High School for two years, Physics and Robotics at Dunbar High School for five years, and one year teaching Principals of Technology at Southwestern High School before that. I graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and a minor in mathematics. Since then I have received a Masters of Arts in teaching from Johns Hopkins. I taught for six years in Baltimore City and two years in Baltimore County before joining Baltimore City's school support networks in order to work with teachers to improve science instruction. I also started Baltimore City's robotics program.